feminist theatre maker 


a celebration of menstruation 

Mon 12 Feb 2024 @7pm 

@ Theatre Deli 


In collaboration with 

University of Sheffield 

and Leverhulme Trust 


From the first historical reference to a menstrual product in Ancient Greece, to present day vulva-care tips with social media influencer 'Adriana Mole'. 

Humour and history collide in this taboo-busting multimedia performance, celebrating menstruation. Edu-tainment, musical mash-ups, movie clips. 

Expect comedy, spoken word and audience interaction!

“A show that was empowering to experience on both a humorous and serious level. Definitely not to be missed.” 

***** Broadway Baby

Professional Breakup Artist

"a delightful and insightful piece that will challenge your perceptions of love and dating, plus give a masterclass in observational comedy and poetry."  

Broadway Baby *****

Sat 24 Feb @ 8pm

Sun 25 Feb @ 4pm

@ The Alma Theatre Bristol 

Join Belszki on a comedic journey through the highs, lows and sexual misadventures of a queer woman, as they recount their life experience of the mission to seek, find, and inevitably lose, the person of their hottest fantasy. 

Let Belszki take you gently by the hand, and guide you through the reclitulous scenarios that the search for a good hard … can entail.

Butch, femme, non binary, top, bottom, vanilla or spice, you will find so many flavours to enjoy, in this unmissable tasting menu! Whether it’s food or al fresco which floats your veritable libido, Belszki caters for all proclivities. Whether self-partnered or with polycule, all are welcome!

Enjoy a backdrop of music, relatable yet cringeworthy video stories, sprinkled with a rather unusual use of props! Switch off your dating apps and slip into Belszki’s hilarious performance poetry, stand-up and audience interaction!


Professional Breakup Artist toured extensively in 2017-18

Review Quotes:

“An outrageous contribution to stand-up comedy.”  

Broadway Baby ****

“Belszki unites all of our queer hearts together in a fun, thought-provoking, laugh-until-your-stomach-hurts evening.”  

DIVA Magazine

“a refreshing take on being a lesbian and what to expect from a partner, using original comedy and poetry to tantalise and shock everyone into hysterical fits of laughter.”  

Remote Goat

“Her tour of relationships is intimate, revealing and honest doused with a great sense of fun and graphic revelation. Whether you’ve “been there, done that” or not, Belszki has an anecdote and a rhyme for every situation two women may find themselves in.” 

International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival

5 STAR REVIEW from Out News Global

"Belszki delivers a very enjoyable, 

fascinating and memorable show." 

"I was immersed in Belszki’s engagement and interaction with the audience"

"This left me feeling empowered, which, following the event, has sparked conversations about my newfound knowledge and understanding of such under-spoken and undervalued parts of the body, which are often seen as taboo."

CLITERACY: are you cliterate?

In a world where 200 million women and girls alive today have undergone FGM and where labiaplasty is the fastest growing form of cosmetic surgery in the UK, most people don’t recognize the full anatomy of the clitoris.

Perceived through a lens of fear and censorship. Deliberately omitted from education, science, and culture. 

Why does society negate a body part whose sole purpose is pleasure? 

Join Belszki on a journey from phallusy to cliteracy. 

Edutainment, sociology and feminist theory collide in this taboo-busting multimedia performance. Expect spoken word, comedy and audience interaction. 

Sculpt a play doh clit. Interactive phone quiz to assess your cliteracy level; see if you graduate with a BSc, MSc or PhD in cliteracy! 




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