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Me? No Pause!

Menopause is one of the biggest taboos left to tackle in society.

While it directly affects half the population and indirectly affects the rest, menopause largely remains an off-limits topic of discussion in advertising and beyond. And the impact is devastating.

The Koru Kids Survey (2022) of women aged 45-67 suggests more than one million women in the UK alone could quit their jobs through lack of menopause support.

In 2021, a workplace menopause policy was introduced, to raise awareness of its impact on women’s physical and mental health,and provide support to those experiencing menopause.

‘Me? No Pause!’ shines a light on the diverse, lived experiences of people going through menopause. It aims to raise awareness of the impacts of menopause on mental and physical wellbeing while highlighting a serious support gap, particularly in workplaces.

From the first medical reference to menopause in the 17th century to menopause management tips with social media influencer Adriana Mole. Symptoms, strategies and stories collide in this taboo-busting multimedia performance, guiding you through perimenopause. Expect spoken word, musical mash-up cabaret, character comedy and movie clips!

Toured 2022:

L Fest, Two Brewers Clapham, Brighton Fringe, Alma Bristol, King's Head Theatre Islington, Tunbridge Wells Fringe

Blood, Glorious Blood!

From the first historical reference to a menstrual product in Ancient Greece, to present day vulva-care tips with social media influencer 'Adriana Mole'. Humour and history intertwine in this taboo-busting multimedia performance. Edu-tainment, musical mash-ups, interactive quiz. Expect sketch comedy, spoken word, audience interaction.

Toured 2020-22:

L Fest, Brighton Fringe, Two Brewers Clapham, Gullivers Lounge Manchester, Alma Theatre Bristol


"Annabelszki’s creative mind has once again created a piece that needs to be acknowledged for her strong performance skills and original writing with insight and sensitivity."

"the perfect mixture of comedic observations, serious moments highlighting the reality of history versus now and poetical insights that made Smashing a unique show that is needed more than ever in these unsettling times."

Can one women single-handedly smash the hetero-patriarchy?

Well, maybe with a little help from the audience. A queer, feminist and irreverent exploration of contemporary society. Expect sketch comedy, spoken word, audience interaction.

A one-woman feminist cabaret which explores the female beauty myth, body hair, menstruation, patriarchial privilege, the gender pay gap, male violence against women and the heteronormative lens.

Using a backdrop of images, music, props and two-hander sketches, Annabelszki invites the audience to gaze through an alternative lens upon an irreverent journey through life in a patriarchal society.

Audience Comments

“Utter labia power. Annabelszki delivers a stonking feminist punch to the patriarchy.”

(Beverley Barstow - Women’s Equality Party, Brighton Branch Leader)

"An astonishing subversive lecture presenting the essential points of gender oppression in a Brechtian/satirical style."

“A thought-provoking and heartfelt comment on the heteronormative patriarchy. Poignant and funny. Enjoyable and intriguing.”

“Such a feminist gem, a refreshing, hilarious yet thought provoking perspective on the continued existence of the pervasive, seemingly ineradicable inequality of women and non-binary people almost 50 years after the Equal Pay Act and the Stonewall Riots.”


Click here for the Broadway Baby review (March 2020)

Toured 2019:

Brighton Fringe, Edinburgh Fringe, LFest, Royal Vauxhall Tavern, Two Brewers

Professional Breakup Artist

"a delightful and insightful piece that will challenge your perceptions of love and dating, plus give a masterclass in observational comedy and poetry."

A one-woman cabaret aimed at anyone who has ever experienced: a disaster date, sex, being in a relationship, or a breakup.

This high-energy and interactive show consists of performance poetry which drives the narrative, via stand-up sketches and audience interaction.

Using a backdrop of music, video clips of actors recounting stories collected from a diverse range of women, props and audience interaction, Annabelszki takes the audience on a comedic journey through the thrills and heartache that dating, sex and breakups bring to us all.

“An outrageous contribution to stand-up comedy.”

Broadway Baby ****

“Annabelszki unites all of our queer hearts together in a fun, thought-provoking, laugh-until-your-stomach-hurts evening.”

DIVA Magazine

“a refreshing take on being a lesbian and what to expect from a partner, using original comedy and poetry to tantalise and shock everyone into hysterical fits of laughter.”

Remote Goat

“Her tour of relationships is intimate, revealing and honest doused with a great sense of fun and graphic revelation. Whether you’ve “been there, done that” or not, Annabel has an anecdote and a rhyme for every situation two women may find themselves in.”

International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival


Broadway Baby (2018)

Stemme Magazine

Broadway Baby (2020)

Toured 2017-18:

Women in Comedy Festival, Brighton Fringe, Edinburgh Fringe, LFest, Prague Fringe, International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival (IDGTF), Royal Vauxhall Tavern, Two Brewers.